Pricedex Demos Portal

Site Last Updated IE Only Use Compatability Description Path Database Host Database Name Version
Supplier Portal 2016-06-08 No No Demonstration Site for Supplier Upload Portal \\demoserver\d\servers\apa\PricingPortal_Published demoserver\sql2008 qaapa Revision 12139 (trunk)
AutoPIM Pro 2017-04-06 Yes Yes Demonstration Site for Automotive Aftermarket PIM \\demoserver\d\servers\Dorman\pricedex.rb.net\inetpub\wwwroot demoserver\sql2012 dorman Release 1.0.8
Pricing Module 2018-02-07 Yes Yes Demonstration Site for Complete PIM and Pricing System \\demoserver\d\www\demoemptybeckarnley demoserver\sql2012 demoautopimproall Unknown
PAdb Module 2017-04-10 Yes Yes Demonstration Site for PIM using PAdb Attributes \\demoserver\d\servers\cequent\pricedex\inetpub\wwwroot demoserver\sql2008 democequent Release 1.0.5
eParts Catalog 2016-01-21 Yes Yes Branded OE Parts Catalog \\demoserver\d\servers\DDC\staging\inetpub\wwwroot demoserver\sql2012 demoddceparts Revision 6971 (trunk/staging)
AutoPIM Pro MME 2018-03-01 Yes No Demonstration Automotive PIM Website using AutoPIM Pro MME \\demoserver\d\servers\Durabond\pricedex\inetpub\wwwroot demoserver\sql2012 durabond demo revision 14738
PDM Catalog Finder 2016-06-20 No No Demonstration site for Vehicle/Product Lookup Plugin Utility \\demoserver\d\servers\cequent_vehicle_finder_1.0.5 demoserver\sql2012 democequent Release 1.0.5
PDM Catalog Explorer 2017-06-15 No No \\demoserver\d\servers\pdxcatalogexplorer\PartFinder_Published demoserver\sql2012 catalog_explorer Revision 12774 (trunk)
AutoPIM Pro HD 2017-07-11 No No Demonstration Site for PIM system for HD Aftermarket \\demoserver\d\servers\paccar\CatalogManagement_Published demoserver\sql2012 paccar Release 1.5.5
PartsHub branded demo 2017-07-11 No No Demonstration BrandedSite for Internal Customer Service Lookup Tool using PDM Catalog Finder \\demoserver\d\servers\paccar\WebTool_Published demoserver\sql2012 paccar Release 1.5.5
AutoPIM Pro HD 2 2018-01-19 No No Demonstration Site for PIM system for HD Aftermarket. Includes BOM management and Advance Pricing. \\demoserver\d\servers\demopimHd demoserver\demohdpim n/a Release 1.5.5